Foot massage

It has been used successfully for over 3,000 years.

The foot is the map of the body.

The starting point of foot massage is that all the organs of our body are connected to the different surfaces of our feet. The ‘transmission channels’ this time are energy pathways instead of nerves. Through them, organs can be directly stimulated or relaxed by massaging specific points on the foot. Conversely, the pain caused by the pressure can be used to infer the dysfunction of an organ.

Foot massage stimulates the activity of the internal organs. It prevents and cures (e.g. headaches, tension, exhaustion, asthma, constipation, sinusitis, migraine).It balances the smooth functioning of the blood and lymph circulation, improves condition and endurance. Detoxifies, promotes the breakdown of waste products and toxic substances and boosts the body’s defences. Rejuvenates, promotes longevity. It can be used by all ages, is completely harmless and has no side effects.

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is fundamentally different from the methods developed and used in Europe. The masseur applies pressure to acupuncture points along energy lines. They use not only their hands but also their forearms, legs and knees, which makes the choreography of Thai Massage really distinctive, stretching and tensing different parts of the body.

Thai massage can best be compared to the experience of doing yoga exercises at the same time without using physical force.

The pressure of the energy points stimulates the internal organs and stimulates their functioning, balancing the body’s energy system.

In addition to stretching, it releases stiffness and tension in the muscles and joints, increases the body’s flexibility and benefits the skeletal and autonomic nervous systems.

After a massage, we move more easily, our muscles become less stiff, we feel more flexible and our mind is more relaxed.

Herbal Massage

It has been used in Thailand for hundreds of years. The special feature of this massage is that the herbs are placed in small bags, which are heated with steam, so that the active substances of the herbs are released and massaged into the body.

They are particularly good for muscle and joint pain and stimulate blood circulation. It calms the nerves, detoxifies and beautifies the skin.

Aroma Oil Massage

A blend of Thai and Western massage techniques. Massage with aromatic oils, therapeutic method, composed according to the mood and needs of the guest. The massage is mainly beneficial for the blood circulation and the muscles. It is recommended as a refreshment, to supplement physical activity, to relieve and treat musculoskeletal disorders and pains (back, neck, spine, waist problems).

Calming and relaxing, the essential oils not only relax the body but also the mind.

Oil massage is very popular, especially when combined with the technical elements of Thai Massage.

Cellulite Massage

By applying a concentrated treatment with a special gel and a massager on problem areas (thighs, buttocks, maybe the abdomen), the skin is made firmer, more elastic and more even. It helps blood circulation and the breakdown of deposited fat cells.

Sports Massage

Anyone can use it. It is used to increase mobility, loosen muscles, relieve muscle swelling, relieve pain and restore full range of motion after injury recovery.

It enhances performance and has a calming effect on the athlete.

Pre-exercise massage keeps muscles in peak condition, reduces stiffness and increases load-bearing capacity. And after exercise, it relieves muscle tension and spares the athlete from muscle soreness by removing lactic acid.

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